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The Luxury Series

With AM Designs in its infancy stage, only beginning to tread on to bigger paths and larger projects, this one was a real milestone. This project in Central Delhi was about merging and remodelling two single apartments into a large one for the client. The major highlight of this apartment consisted of the earthy colour tones glowing naturally from every nook and corner. Each bedroom tells a different tale with a distinct look and characteristics but beautifully blends into the apartment as a whole. Something that added to the pleasure of this project was that the client was an art collector and wanted the special focus to be imparted to his prized possessions. This was rather exciting than challenging for our team at AM Designs. Special features were added to the interiors of each room in order to meet the demands of the client and highlight his collections. Another feature that added to the uniqueness of the project and marked a retreat from the conventional style was the metallic texture of the powder room walls. Overall, the two simple single apartments underwent an amazing revamp and transformed into a vibrant and artistic space.