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When a prime property in New Delhi, India, ended up on the threshold of AM designs, it was time for a major transformation from a simple look to contemporary luxury interiors. The client was specific about wanting to blend contemporary and antique designs in a smooth, classic manner. This was achieved by perfecting the gold designs in a trendy style that did not rob the theme of its antiquity. A splendid use of brass in the furniture and accessories added to a touch of opulence. The judicious use of silk fabrics gave the drapery and upholstery a rich look. The dining table spells a story of its own as it sits glowing in the elegance of marble. The colour palette was where we proved our prowess and created a blend that suited the client's taste. The colours we chose contributed as a highlight of the space. The mix of bright colours and light tones created a timeless design that suits the dual themes. The unique modern theme draping an antique mirror done in a gold finish is an epitome of anachronism done right. This was a prime point of convergence of the old and the new, just like the client specified.