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Indian Vintage Inspired

We wanted to maintain the historical essence of the shop and at the same time create an royal urban space. Our inspiration was derived from old Rajasthan architecture, and we put our twist of contemporary to it. We used cut Jali technique from the olden days with new materials and brought about a richer feel to it by using high gloss finishes. The furniture was designed with moulded shapes in wood, finished in white distressed paint to give them a modern take on vintage feel. We restored the old white marble flooring with brass inlay, which was buried beneath the existing laminate wood flooring, The light fixtures were designed all in cut glass to illuminate the feeling of an heritage Rajasthan palace. we got an artist from Jaipur to paint the ceiling with the old floral Rajasthan design, and put in our modern touch by using gold and silver leafing technique to it. Why deny ourselves of dreams? Even if it meant that it would here and now, why not indulge. This is a place of indulgence in everything beautiful and dreamlike. Dreams are not sold. They are lived. We know of fairy tales. We believe in nostalgia. We believe in the brilliant narratives of relationships and hence, this is where they must be formed and adorned.