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Reminding one of a complementing set of heralding stars, Estoile makes way for a new age of geometric shapes symbolizing elegance. It has two tables with contrasts of colour. One is defined by a wooden top emitting glossy ecru-coloured metal rays, which form its base. 
The second one has a marble top nuzzled by a teak wood base with a natural matte finish. Expertly forged, this set of tables curve inward by a circular stand balancing its proportions and offering an element of utility in addition to elegance. 
The two, when juxtaposed, manifest the rays of two stars intertwining to become a new star engendering an ambience of chic art decor for your living rooms and lounges.


Small: 20cm L x 40cm W x 55cm H (8" L x 16" W x 22" H)

Large: 20cm L x 45cm W x 55cm H (9" L x 18" W x 22" H)

Made in India