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About Us

Anurag Mendiratta's love and enthusiasm for design embarked him on a career as a fashion designer. The exhilarating experience of working in the industry for a decade further transpired into a passion for designing spaces and furniture. Now for over a decade, he focuses on creating visual spaces and treats them as individually as his client’s needs.  

The inspiration behind launching AM Designs was a vision to create objects of desire and value the use of elements that stand alone in their uniqueness. Moreover, he encourages the equally important thought, that cohesive spaces utilizing key fixtures and bespoke design elements have the ability to resonate as 'a dream'.

Anurag follows the simple thought process of ensuring a maximum effect while utilizing a minimal approach. Recognized, acclaimed and trusted by a large family of clients, AM Designs is sought-after to conceptualize a precise visual aesthetic that represents each client individually.